Windows designed for beauty, engineered for comfort.

Energy Star Qualifications

With the right windows, no matter what it’s like outside, you will feel comfortable inside. We use our state of the art window technology for maximum thermal efficiency. Which means you stay cooler in summer and warm in winter. Of course, with increased efficiency comes increased savings and there’s nothing like saving a few dollars to make you feel warm all over.

Glass TypePerformance Rating AAMA/WDMA 101/I.S.2/A440-08U-Value ImperialU-Value Metric
Energy RatingEnergy Star CanadaEnergy Star Zones US
Evolv35YNCW-PG65-C Size Tested 800mm x 1600mm0.231.31
Evolv 27228NN/NCCW-PG65-C Size Tested 800mm x 1600mm0.221.25
Sol-R-Gain 18038YNR-PG40-FW, Size Tested 1300mm x 2440mm0.261.48
Sol-R Shield28NN/NCCW-PG65-C Size Tested 800mm x 1600mm0.251.42
Triple Sol-R Gain 1 Lowe36YN/NCCW-PG65-C Size Tested 800mm x 1600mm0.211.19
Triple Sol-R Gain 2 Lowe39YN/NCCW-PG65-C Size Tested 800mm x 1600mm0.181.02

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