Summer can be amazing. School is out, our winter boots and coats have been put away and the sun is shining, stronger and longer than during those cold winter months. Despite the great weather though, some days, we just want to stay inside and keep it cool…literally.

When it comes to escaping the summer heat, most of us think of air conditioning, assuming if our homes aren’t cool enough, the air conditioner probably needs to be upgraded or perhaps the filter needs to be cleaned out.And while that may be true, what about our windows?

Have you been inadvertently cooling down your neighbourhood and increasing your energy bills because of air leaks caused by poorly sealed windows? If so, rest assured, you are not alone. In fact, air infiltrating through windows is such a common problem, that Bonneville Solutions decided to partner with Owens Corning, world renowned air sealing technology enterprise, and develop our exclusive Vertex3 High-Performance Window Technology. In addition to the provided thermal efficiency and crystalline glass clarity, our windows, made with mold resisting seals, feature unparalleled draft reduction.

What does this mean to you? This means extra savings! Energy efficient windows, such as our Bonneville Solutions Energy-Star certified windows, can help reduce your annual electric costs by 8% . It also mean a significant reduction of dust and insect infiltration, improved air quality throughout your home, and reduced energy consumption , thus helping both the environment and your wallet.

So this summer, keep pollen, dirt, dusts and insects outside, and cool air conditioning inside!

To find out if you’re eligible for further savings, be sure to check Natural Resources Canada’s

Energy Star rebates and incentives directory

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