Interior Grilles & Simulated Dividers

Farley SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) are engineered grille solutions for a variety of clients and applications (manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, dealers and architects) where assured quality and value come together. They give your grilles a classic, divided light look for rectangular patterns – bringing continuous horizontal and vertical bar components together.

Plus you can choose from a variety of non-rectangular shapes – or let us create your custom look.


Grilles are made of aluminum and are installed between the panes of glass (meaning you never have to dust them!) and are used solely for aesthetic purposes. Grilles can be used to match your home’s existing windows or to customize the look of your home.



Flat Bar


Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs):Simulated divided lites are composed of a vinyl trim applied to the surface of the glass on both the interior and exterior of the window, with a faux spacer bar between the glass. The purpose of a simulated divided lite is to give the illusion of multiple glass units when, in fact, only one is used.

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